Make informed decisions:
Preparation, placement, performance, and student resources.

It is a dangerous myth that our schools are failing. School are succeeding. And we know how and why.

We’re calling on educational leaders to help us bust this myth.

Together, educators can identify and promote proven best practices so that all students are prepared to succeed in college and career.

Colleges and institutions must collaborate with K-12 partners and local employers - and use data - to increase outcomes in:

  • Preparation: Students should arrive college ready.
  • Placement: Reduced remediation and appropriate placement ensures a faster, more efficient pathway to completion.
  • Performance: High performing institutions graduate career-ready students who are prepared to succeed in living wage jobs.
  • We provide the resources that make it easy for peers to share proven practices along the K-Job pipeline. These include easy-to-read data reports on key momentum points for students:

Transitions from K-12 to college and university

  • Remediation rates
  • Student completion of certificates, associate degrees, transfers and baccalaureate degrees
  • Benchmarking charts, reports, and tools that identify higher-performing “bright spot” schools, districts, colleges and universities

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