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Educational Results Partnership Names Alex Barrios President

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

SACRAMENTO, CA, June 22, 2022 – Educational Results Partnership (ERP) announced the appointment of Alex Barrios as President of the 20-plus year-old data science organization.

Barrios, who joined ERP in January 2020, will oversee the organization’s expanding national portfolio of educational, workforce, and public sector grants and contracts, as well as all internal operations including recruitment and management of talent. Dr. James Lanich, who has held the dual role of President and Chief Executive Officer for more than two decades, continues as CEO, with elevated responsibility for the organization, including strategy and serving as liaison with partners, business leaders, and policymakers.

Marilyn Reznick, Chair of ERP’s Board of Directors, said, “ERP has experienced exponential growth over the last two years, as our goal of aligning education and workforce preparation is increasingly embraced by educators and business leaders alike. These transformative times demand transformative leadership, and with Jim and Alex’s expertise, talents, and passion, ERP is positioned to be the catalyst to improve educational equity and ensure learners are equipped with the skills employers need.”

Barrios joined ERP from the Sacramento Unified School District, where he served as Chief Communications Officer and was a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet. He also served as vice president with a leading California public affairs firm, and in key communications and policy roles with California State Senator Norma Torres and former California State Controller John Chiang.

“Alex has played an instrumental role in designing and implementing our educational productivity agenda, including the launch of ERP Institute in 2021,” Lanich said. “We have worked closely together throughout the pandemic, as the educational system and employers grapple with unprecedented pressures and change. As we reimagine a new architecture for learning and pathways to careers, ERP is primed and ready to expand its reach and impact with the leadership of Alex and our Board.”

Barrios resides in Sacramento with his wife and 3 children. He earned his M.A. in communication studies and a B.A. in organizational communication from Sacramento State University.

About Educational Results Partnership Educational Results Partnership (ERP) is a non-profit organization that applies data science to help improve student outcomes and career readiness throughout the educational system. Our goal is to ensure that more students enter the workforce with the skills today’s global economy demands. In partnership with educators and employers, we are charting the pathways that lead to academic success and living-wage jobs. Our partners include hundreds of K-12 educational institutions across the country, the nation’s largest higher education system, employer-led organizations and the foundations of former American Presidents.

ERP has accumulated the nation’s largest database on student achievement from kindergarten into the labor market. We use data science and predictive analytics to identify successful public education systems, practices, programs, and policies that are delivering the best results for students. We are committed to closing equity gaps in education and the labor market. Our research centers on improving academic and workforce outcomes for all, including students of color, foster youth and students in high-poverty regions. Learn more at


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