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Even though high school graduation rates across the country have hit record highs in recent years, attaining a living-wage job in today’s economy virtually requires completion of a post-secondary degree. High schools need to shift the focus from graduation to college preparation, including a senior-year experience that includes college-level coursework. 

ERP’s research supports early college and dual enrollment programs, where students can earn college credit in high school. Our work also supports alignment and co-design of high school Math courses in collaboration with K-12 and college faculty to improve college readiness. And we foster collaboration among school leaders to share and implement best practices of higher performing systems.

Our Work at a Glance: Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District (PSJA ISD – Texas Rio Grande Valley)

Just a few miles from the Mexican border, PSJA ISD has transformed from one of the lowest-performing districts in Texas to a #11 national ranking by US News & World Report. It was the first district in the nation to launch an early college program, offering high school students opportunities to earn college credit. ERP partnered with PSJA ISD to provide data research and analytics to support the program, assess its full impact, identify success factors, and uncover areas for improvement. The insights gained can inform future policies at the state and national levels and help increase college readiness for thousands more students.

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