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The ERP Institute is an annual forum focused on improving our nation's educational productivity. It convenes influencers and institutional leaders who recognize the need to better align education and workforce, increase economic opportunity, and bolster US competitiveness. Participants collaborate to develop strategies and solutions that drive impact at the national, state, and local levels. 

Cal-Pass Plus
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In partnership with San Joaquin Delta College and California Community Colleges, ERP is the data and analytics partner for Cal-PASS Plus (Partnership for Achieving Student Success). Cal-PASS Plus leverages postsecondary data to help improve student success along the education-to-workforce pipeline. Through detailed analyses of pre-K through college transitions and employment outcomes, Cal-PASS Plus seeks to identify best practices, improve instruction, help close achievement gaps, and ensure more students progress successfully through the educational system.


Cal-PASS Plus also facilitates Regional Learning Collaboratives, in which educational leaders and stakeholders throughout California regularly convene to share data and collaborate to improve education and workforce outcomes.

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ERP is the data and analytics provider for LaunchBoard, a student success metrics dashboard that provides educators across California with a variety of data on student progress, employment, and earnings outcomes. LaunchBoard data encompasses both traditional and Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways, as well as adult education. An initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, LaunchBoard data is designed to help educators identify factors that enable economic mobility.

Education, Health & Justice
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ERP is actively engaged in initiatives to identify the relationships between, and factors contributing to, education, health, and criminal justice outcomes. In this effort, we are working in close collaboration with a variety of data-sharing partners and philanthropic organizations, including Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Obama Foundation, and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. To support these initiatives, we bring together longitudinal and real-time data from a range of trusted sources, with the goal of addressing inequities and improving outcomes, particularly for traditionally underserved populations and people of color. 

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