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Dr. Daniel Rockers

Former Chair

California Psychological Association


Dr. Daniel Rockers’ areas of expertise include Personal Growth, Stress Management, Anxiety, including Post traumatic stress and Depression. His specialties and services include helping high-level professionals deal with high stress positions, dealing with conflict, creative transformation/initiating and dealing with change, dealing with workplace stress and relaxation training. Dr. Rockers is known as an idea generator and change agent. He is a past president of the California Psychological Association and has always been interested in how psychology, motivation and the physical body are connected. He studied counseling psychology as well as neuropsychology which gives him a good background to understanding mind-body interactions. During Dr. Rockers’ time as the director of a multidisciplinary pain treatment center, teaching and coaching hundreds of individuals dealing with chronic physical pain taught him a great deal about motivation, goal-setting and achievement. He learned much about what does and does not work, and he carries this experience forward to his current clients. 

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