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Dr. Douglas Carnine

Professor Emeritus

University of Oregon


Dr. Douglas Carnine, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon and President of the Choose Kindness Foundation, spent the first 20 years of his career focused on improving the achievement of k-12 students who too often fail in school: children of poverty, limited English speakers, and students with disabilities. His scholarly works have been cited in over 5,000 books and journals from around the world. He spent the next 12 years of his career leading a campaign to increase the importance of evidence in education decision-making. This campaign developed coalitions  to make strategic policy changes and lead implementations at the local level (for example, Los Angeles and Dallas), state level ( six states), and at the federal level. The coalitions included  state legislatures, state boards of education, business organizations, teachers’ unions, and educational publishers groups. At the federal level he received support and guidance from the  Secretary of Education and an assistant to the President in his work with assistant secretaries who headed four offices within the US Department of  Education and with NSF and USAID.  He received a presidential appointment to the National Institute for Literacy Advisory Board and later received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Council for Exceptional Children. 

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