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Dr. Parminder Jassal


Unmudl Public Benefit Corporation


Dr. Parminder Jassal creates social technologies that nudge human decision-making towards an equitable, sustainable future. As the CEO of Social, a public benefit corporation headquartered in Austin, TX, Parminder serves working learners through their flagship product - the Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace.  Unmudl is powered by America’s community colleges to close the talent and diversity gap between employers and learners.  Parminder is affiliated with the Institute for the Future where she founded the Work + Learn Futures Lab. Her early perspectives are shaped by experiences at Fortune 50 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, and Lucent Technologies along with co-founding start-ups like Technology Solutions and Consulting, Bombay House Restaurant, and East Indian Trading Cafe.  


In 2012, Dr. Jassal was named Founding CEO of ACT Foundation where she oversaw the organization’s unique role as an operating foundation, strategic investor, and incubation partner in support of the New Learning Economy and Rise of Working Learners (published). Dr. Jassal previously served as a program officer supporting postsecondary success for low-income young adults at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in Economic Development leading workforce innovation at Greater Louisville Inc.


From being born in London to completing high school in India to graduating as a product of public higher education in the United States, Parminder’s life reflects the world economy.  Parminder fluently speaks three languages and has worked and serves on boards across the globe.  Her post-secondary experiences began with an A.S. from Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa.  When transitioning from the for-profit to the philanthropic sector, Parminder earned her Doctorate in Higher Education with a focus on Technology and Economics from the University of Louisville.

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