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A looming shortage of skilled talent threatens the competitiveness of the US economy. To close this widening skills gap, another gap must be closed – namely the disconnect between academic programs and the actual skills needed for evolving jobs in the workplace. Employer-led demand is driving the skills that are needed and must ultimately shape the competencies being taught in schools. 

ERP partners with business leaders across sectors to identify equity and skills gaps and opportunities to improve diversity and economic impact. We use predictive analytics to help employers improve hiring and talent forecasting processes. We foster collaboration among employers and higher education institutions to align degree and certificate programs with workforce needs.

Our Work at a Glance: San Francisco Center for Economic Development

ERP’s work supports the Bridge to Success initiative, a partnership between the City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), City College of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University, focused on increasing students’ college readiness and opportunities for job attainment. Specifically, we bring a workforce focus to the initiative, partnering with the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, housed within the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, to engage business leaders to better inform the education-through-job pipeline. Our goal is to ensure more graduates are better positioned to attain careers in the Bay Area’s high-demand labor market.

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