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ERP's COVID-19 Educational and Economic Recovery Plan

Updated: May 17, 2022

The forced closure of schools and higher education institutions due to COVID-19 has resulted in millions of students across the country losing valuable in-class instructional time. If not properly mitigated, experts believe the educational and economic disruption caused by this crisis will lead to long-lasting academic and life setbacks for students and the emergent workforce.

Since this crisis began, Educational Results Partnership has consulted with leading economists and education leaders across the country to develop a plan for educational and economic recovery from COVID-19. Recognizing that the fight against COVID-19 will be ongoing and fluid, the plan we have developed is scenario-based. You can read our plan here.

Without bold thinking and data-informed solutions by decision-makers and education leaders, our most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations will likely never recover from this crisis. Our kids, workforce and economy cannot afford for that to happen—it will negatively impact us all.

ERP is dedicating its time and energy to convening key decision-makers and education leaders across the country in the development of a comprehensive educational and economic recovery plan. To help jump-start this process we are encouraging education, workforce and economic thought leaders to join us.

We invite you to share your input and feedback on our draft plan. Click here to join the conversation. Thank you. Sincerely, Jim Lanich, Ph.D. President/CEO


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