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Matching Talent to Jobs: An Essential Campaign for Learners and the American Economy

Educational Results Partnership has spent 25 years studying the relationship between learning and workforce preparation using academic data provided by schools. What we have concluded is far too many learners do not have useful information about what skills they have developed in school and how to effectively navigate today's job market.

For example, Americans are more educated than ever, yet less upwardly mobile. Meanwhile, employers are struggling to find qualified talent. This is a serious matching problem that must be fixed.

That is why today we are launching a new campaign to match talent to jobs.

Please also visit our campaign website at

Learners need real opportunities that provide economic mobility and will improve their lives. That is why the campaign's overall goal is to help learners by matching them with jobs they can perform today, based on what they already know.

I hope you will read our paper, visit our new campaign website and join us in this effort to secure a better future for the next generation.


Jim Lanich, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Educational Results Partnership


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